E-Board Members

Name: Ryan Egle Alexandra Halloran Jessica Hammond Matt Hohman
Position: President VP of Marketing VP of Human Resources VP of Administration
Member Since: 2011 2011 2012  2012
Major: Managerial Marketing Managerial Marketing Business Management Managerial Marketing 
Career Goal: Advertising Executive      
Reason I joined PSE: I wanted to get involved with a marketing organizations      
Favorite Aspect of PSE: Being able to make an impact on the organization. It is a great thing to talk about during an interview      
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Name: Garrett Miller Jenna Lyberger Alyssa Whitney  
Position: Co-VP of Finance Co-VP of Finance VP of Public Relations  
Member Since: 2012 2012 2012  
Major: Finance Economics Business Administration  
Career Goal:        
Reason I joined PSE:        
Favorite Aspect of PSE:        
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